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Cable Ties

Locking Cable Ties Mount Cable Ties Colored Cable Ties Tie Assortments Releasable Ties Beaded Ties Marker (I.D.) Ties Specialty Ties

Wire Management Hardware

Mounting Pads  Cord Clips - Nylon Clamps - Twist Locks - Cushioned Steel Clamps - Mounting Hardware

Wire Terminals  &   Connectors

Non - Insulated Terminals - PVC Insulated Terminals - Nylon Insulated Terminals - Heat Shrink Terminals  Wire Connectors  Copper Lugs Accessories and Tooling

Nylon   Fasteners

Nylon Screws - Nylon Nuts - Nylon Bolts - Nylon Washers - Nylon Spacers - Nylon  Threaded Rod - Nylon Drive Rivets - Nylon Panel Fasteners - Nylon Electronic Hardware 

Nylon   Insert Locknuts

Heat  Treated  Grade  8 Locknuts  from 1/4-20NC  to  4-1/2-12NF;  Metric locknuts  from M64 - M120

Other  Electrical & Industrial  Products

Wire Ducting & Raceways -  Convoluted Split Loom - Poly Extruded Grommeting -    PVC Clear Tubing - Wire & Cable Wrap 

 ICG CORPORATION  Mukilteo, Washington, USA

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ICG Corporation is a wholesale stocking master distributor and importer of specialty fasteners and hardware, wire management hardware, electronic hardware and components.  

We specialize in the following products:

  • Nylon Cable  / Wire Ties and Related Accessories
  • Nylon Fasteners: Bolts, Nuts, Screws, Washers, Spacers and more
  • Nylon Electrical & Industrial Hardware
  • Nylon Clamps and Clips
  • Steel Cushioned Hose & Tubing Clamps
  • Products for Managing and Routing Hose, Wire and Tubing
  • Electrical Terminals and Connectors: Plain, Vinyl, Nylon & Heat Shrinkable
  • Wire Routing and Wire Termination Products
  • Copper Lugs and Battery Terminals
  • Heat Treated (Grade C / Grade 8) Nylon Insert Locking Nuts, 1/4" - 4-1/2 thread pitch"; Large diameter  / hydraulic cylinder nut specialists

We serve the following industries and markets:

  • Industrial & Electrical Distributors
  • Automotive Aftermarket and Specialty Parts Distributors
  • Computer, Telecommunications & Fiber Optics 
  • Electrical and Electronics Manufacturing
  • Material Handling
  • Packaging Manufacturers and Distributors
  • Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturing and Rebuilding
  • Automotive, Truck, Mining, Heavy Equipment and Off Road Machinery
  • Recreational Vehicle and Motor home
  • Marine and Water sports
  • Recreation, Toy, Sports and Fitness Equipment
  • Agricultural, Food and Medical Industries

Please note that ICG is a wholesale only corporation; sorry, we cannot sell directly to individuals and consumers.   Small quantity items can be procured from your local fastener distributor or hardware store.   

Our catalog is now available for downloading by product group and section online in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format; for more information and to view the available files, please click here.

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 For more information regarding the products available at ICG Corporation, please contact us via e-mail at: or fax us at 425.315.0201