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Heat treated grade 8 sizes from 1/4" up to 4-1/2" SAE; metrics from M64 -  M120

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 ICG Corporation

  Mukilteo, Washington, USA         

Additional Information on ICG Corporation....

Company Founded:

February 1, 1991

Company's operating philosophies: 

Work hard for the customer.  Keep in mind that business transactions are a two-way street. Respond quickly, but more importantly, accurately.  Its' not just the price at the bottom of the purchase order that constitutes the entire cost of doing business with a company.  Provide a full line of quality products, not just the common items.  Make it easy for the customer to do business with us.  Get the right products in the right quantities to the customer when they need them, the FIRST time...down to the details, including paying attention to how products are packaged for shipping.  Don't forget how this company got to where it is today - where the ideas and energy for the birth of the company came from, the ideas, the reasons.  Remember the companies we worked for before - where we learned how not to do business.  Forget corporate politics, just do the job, do it well. 

Some of the other unique things we do for our customers:

We reuse all of our corrugated cartons from incoming shipments and recycle all of the other cardboard received at ICG.  Pallets are recycled and/or reused; even shrink wrap from palletized incoming shipments is reused as packing material for outgoing shipments.  Newspapers are recycled as packing material; even faxes are turned over and re-used in order to cut waste.  ICG aggressively looks for ways to cut operating costs so that we can operate as efficiently as possible while being eco-friendly; Benjamin Franklin's old adage "waste not, want not" is put into practice daily here.  As a result, the company has not had to purchase any corrugated shipping products in over 3 years.  We run as lean as possible without being "cheap" about the way we do business.  

In multiple item and multiple carton shipments, your packing list also shows in which carton each line item was packed so that your receiving people aren't wasting time hunting for incoming products.  Invoices are faxed rather than mailed within 24 hours of shipment so that you know what your total costs are including shipping before the parts are received...handy for third party "drop" shipments and calculating the total input cost of item(s) for resale.  Invoices for air shipments include tracking numbers so that you don't have to wait for us to advise you when the product will be there.  We can also set your account up so that you're e-mailed the tracking and shipment details as soon as they're processed.

We also pack smart for you.  "dead air" carton space is filled with packing materials before being shipped, thus avoiding crushing and breakage; cartons are packed and heavily taped to avoid shipping damage claims.  In fact, in the past two years, we've had exactly two common carrier damage claims.  There's nothing more irritating or time wasting for the customer than having to file damage and missing parts claims.  That's why we pack smart to begin with...saving both of us time and money in the long run.  

Future plans for ICG and the website: 

Keep adding new product lines and expanding existing ones in response to customer needs. Expand the online catalog so that the customer can get technical and other product information quickly. Keep adding new services for customers.  Continue adopting new strategies and processes for keeping operating costs down.  Any other ideas?  Contact us by e-mail:

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