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ICG Corporation

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ICG Corporation stocks nylon cable ties in the following styles:


* NATURAL NYLON ( jump to the Natural Nylon Cable Ties page)

* UV BLACK nylon ( jump to the UV Black Nylon Cable Ties page)

* SPECIAL USE Cable Ties ( jump to the Specialty Cable Ties page) 

Please contact ICG for availability of special colors and materials.  Please also note that you can download our complete catalog of cable tie products in .PDF format; to do so, please go to our ICG Catalog Page and  download the file named cbltie10.pdf.

We also stock many styles of:    

Tyrap™ Cable Ties with the stainless steel locking pawl - the cable tie with infinite locking characteristics....no spaced "teeth" along the body of the tie strap to limit how snug you can cinch your bundle!

Releasable Cable Ties

Truck Hangar Ties

Mounting Head Cable Ties - Screw and Push mount styles

Double Loop Cable Ties

Beaded Ties - releasable - in nylon and polyethylene

Polypropylene Cable Ties

Heat Stabilized Nylon Cable Ties

Stainless Steel Ties

Identification or Marker Ties (MS 3368 series)

Nylon Identification Plates

Cable Tie Mounts, Cradles and Saddles in 20+ sizes and types

Adhesive Backed Wire and Cord Clips

Colored Cable Ties

Tefzel Cable Ties

Halar Cable Ties 

MS 3367 & MS 3368 Cable Ties

Cable Tie Assortments

Cable Tie Installation Tools

Hundreds of additional related wire management products!

For further information, please e-mail us at: sales@icgcorporation.com or fax us at 425.315.0201