Cable Ties

Locking cable ties, mounting ties, releasable, marker ties and more styles

Wire Management Hardware

Devices to manage, position and hold cable or wire bundles

Wire Terminals and Connectors

Wire Terminals, Connectors, Accessories and Tooling

Nylon Fasteners

Nylon screws, nuts, washers, spacers & more!

Nylon Insert Locknuts

Heat treated grade 8 sizes from 1/4" up to 4-1/2" SAE; metrics from M64 -  M120

Other Wire Handling Products

Split Loom, Extruded Grommeting, Panel Channel, Plastic Tubing & Cable Wrap



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Below are a list of our catalog files that are available for downloading from this website.  The product group file name is listed, the file size, and then a description of the file contents.  Simply right click on the .pdf file name at the left of the file contents description to view the file.  To download the file, left click on the file name and save the file to your preferred location.  Be sure to note where your computer is storing the files you will need to know where to access them with the Acrobat Reader!  If you have not taken note of the file locations, you can also (Windows users only) use the "find" feature on the Windows start menu and type in the entire file name.


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File Size

File Contents


3017 kb

Graphics / pictorial representations of many of the available nylon hardware products listed below.


559 kb

Nylon screws, bolts and threaded rod - Screw head styles include Hex, Pan, Round, Fillister and Knurled.  Drives include Hex, Slotted, Allen and Phillips.  Limited combination and square drive sizes available.


97 kb

Nylon nuts - Thumb, Hex, Wing, Panel, Acorn (Cap Nuts) & Locking styles in NC, NF and NPT threads.


540 kb

Nylon washers - Retaining / Locking washers, Finishing washers, Flat Washers, Shoulder Washers and Screw Insulators


700 kb

Nylon spacers - Tapped & Untapped Spacers, Round & Hex, Molded Dowels and Retaining Spacers


453 kb

Nylon Hardware - Nylon rivets,  clips,  push-in fasteners,  hole plugs, panel fasteners,  drive rivets,  anchors,  vent plugs and insertion tools


548 kb

Wire Management Hardware - Nylon "P" or "Loom" clamps, adhesive backed cord clips, nail-in clips, cable clips, spring clips, wire gates, ribbon clips, conduit clips, insulating bushings, strain relief bushings, flexible / continuous grommeting, nylon twist locks, beaded cable ties, cable wrap


300 kb

Nylon Circuit Board Hardware - PCB supports, card guides, transistor mounts and covers


54 kb

Locking Nylon Hose Clamps - "one squeeze" locking Gator Grip adjustable hose clamps.  


558 kb

Nylon Cable Ties - locking cable ties, mounting, beaded, specialty, releasable cable ties and assortments.  Also: cable tie mounts and mounting pads, cradles, saddles and related wire management hardware


306 kb

Nylon Fastener Assortment Kits



Metric Nylon Fasteners and Hardware


53 kb

Polyvinyl Cushioned Steel "P" or "Loom" Clamps, 1 page "cut sheet"


1072 kb

Wire Terminals and Connectors - terminals, wire connectors, splices, taps, pigtails, copper lugs and more. Non-insulated, vinyl insulated, nylon insulated, heat shrink and sealing wire termination products available. 


26 kb

Poly Split Loom, a.k.a. wire loom or convoluted slit loom, Fire Retardant Split Loom and PVC low pressure tubing


31 kb

Nylon "P" or Loom Clamps, 1 page "cut sheet"


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