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 ICG Corporation

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ICG Corporation is a wholesale fastener master distributor, importer and manufacturer's agent.  We do not collect retail taxes and cannot ship to individuals; you must have a valid business registration and tax I.D. number for your state in order to do business with us. 

How are inquiries, quotations and purchase orders placed from this website?

◘  We ask that all companies that do not have an active account with ICG to place their initial inquiries for product pricing and stock availability via our e-mail links to our technical sales department on this website.  Our fax number is also displayed prominently on most pages for inquiries and quotes.  Phone calls placed to our corporate office will be referred to these contact channels; no quotes or other information are given out via the telephone to parties that are not active current customers of ICG Corporation.

◘  Our payment terms include:

Open account, net 30 day terms (on approved credit)


- For credit card orders, please contact us regarding payments via bank transfer or credit card through PayPal.

◘  When making inquiries, please include the ICG part number and quantity desired.  Sorry, inquiries that do not provide sufficient basic information cannot be answered.

◘  Please note also that we do not ship to individuals and are not equipped to process small orders.  ICG has a $50 total order minimum; some electrical products and made-to-order nylon hardware items will have production quantity minimums of between 250 and 5,000 pieces, depending on the part.  Certain line item minimums may also apply; we do not break standard package quantities.  In these cases, we'll advise you of all relevant information when replying to your inquiry.

How do you ship orders?

We ship exclusively via Federal Express.  We're happy to ship billing the freight charges to your FedEx account if desired; please provide a valid FedEx Ground account number (for ground shipments) or Federal Express account number for air shipments at the time of order.  Please note that you can have a FedEx account number and not be "ground eligible"; your FedEx account rep can verify your ground eligible status, or we can do it.  For local customers, will calls are available on a "by appointment" basis.

How long does it take to ship? 

For stock items, the first order can take from 1 to 3 business days to ship, depending on your chosen method of payment.  Special "make-to-order" production items can take up to 6 weeks lead time; we'll advise you of stock status at the time of your inquiry.  New "open accounts" can take two business days to clear credit reporting; C.O.D. orders usually ship the next business day.  All shipments are sent F.O.B. Mukilteo, Washington and are insured when valued above $125.  For customers with approved credit, orders usually ship the same or next business day.

What kind of company is ICG Corporation?

ICG Corporation imports, maintains consigned inventory on or purchases large quantities of  fastener products from manufacturers that typically would not be able to meet the service level, pricing  and delivery expectations of many "just-in-time" distributors or OEM's.  We also specialize in certain types of fastener products, have outstanding technical product knowledge in these lines and can offer value added services that factories and other distributors couldn't attempt to respond to.  Our 98% fill rate means that for the most part, backorders are non-existent here.  Our sales markets include industrial and specialty distributors as well as manufacturers.

ICG Corporation selects product lines primarily based upon customer input, response  and competitive market research; we provide product lines to our customers that have not been either easily accessed or completely offered in the marketplace through traditional channels.  For example, take nylon cable ties.  While "zip ties" are not very difficult to obtain in general, ICG goes above and beyond by being able to offer over 500 different sizes, styles and colors of cable ties from the four best  U.S. and Asian manufacturers. We also maintain stock on several different colors of cable ties in 5 sizes (and can offer custom coloring on most nylon products).  That means that you're not limited to one factory's product line; we can supply you, in one stop, with thousands of different items at very competitive prices.  If your customer (or your company) doesn't care for one factory's cable tie design (and they are all somewhat slightly different in design), we have several others to offer.  We can also offer application suggestions,  design assistance and other value added services as well.

Why deal with ICG instead of going directly to "a factory"!

You may be unable to access a complete product line, getting poor service, poor pricing, receiving inferior products, waiting too long for delivery, or a combination of any of these things.  No one factory can provide you with a complete line like ICG can; for example, look at the range of cable tie sizes and large nylon insert locknuts that we offer.  This is why we say that no one can offer you the extensive product line from which to choose from worldwide that we one stop.

We believe that there's more to the cost of doing business with a company than the dollar amount at the bottom of the purchase order.  What good is the "price" if your vendor can't deliver, doesn't have what you need readily available or the product is of inferior quality?  For instance, we carry four different manufacturer's lines of cable ties; three are U.S. manufactured, one from China.  We also carry a domestic as well as import line of grade 8 Nylon Insert Locknuts; whichever you choose, we stand behind the quality of the products we sell and will not do business with any vendors that do not mirror our emphasis on quality over "price".  Our specifications demand that even our most competitively priced imported line of cable ties come from a manufacturer that is ISO 9002 registered.

Further, we don't only stock the routine items; we also carry many of the hard-to-find sizes in each product group as well.  Does your supplier stock 18 colors of cable ties?  How about 250 pound 1/2" wide lashing ties in seven sizes?  Tefzel and Halar material Plenum rated ties?  We do.  If you've dealt with some of these factories, you know how frustrating they can be.  Poor customer service, poor lead times and delivery, poor product knowledge, extraordinarily high order minimums.  Why put up with it?  Try ICG the next time you need fastening products.

What else can you do for us?

Aside from supplying you quickly with the highest quality products at reasonable prices, we offer special services for volume customers such as just-in-time delivery, nylon coloring, bar coding, private bag labeling, custom packaging and a lot more.  Call or e-mail us today for more information on how we can put together a competitive program for you.

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